Paper accepted to Qualitative Reasoning 2016

Our paper, “Preparing MILA for College”, has been accepted for publication at the International Workshop on Qualitative Reasoning in New York on July 11th. The paper covers efforts to convert MILA, our tool for teaching scientific reasoning to middle school students, to a college audience. Ashok Goel will present the paper to the symposium.

For the abstract, check after the jump.

Scientists use both conceptual and simulation models to make sense of the world. MILA-S is an interactive system for authoring conceptual models of ecological phenomena and spawning agent-based simulations of the ecological systems directly from the conceptual models. We have used MILA-S in middle school science to foster learning about ecological systems as well as scientific modeling. We now seek to use MILA-S to promote learning about ecological systems and scientific modeling in college-level introductory biology classes. Compared to middle school students, college-level students typically study more complex ecological systems. In this paper, we present extensions and enhancements to MILA-S in preparation for deployment in college.

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